PalmPilot Software

What's This?

Ten!  Nine!  Eight!  Seven!...Count Down

This is my first (and so far, only) PalmPilot program.  It counts down to special events (or up from them).

Main screen The main screen shows 4 Events.  Here, the first one is unused, the second is counting down toward a trip, the third is counting down toward Y2K and the fourth is counting up from a birthday.  Each event occupies two lines.  On the left of the first line is the event's name.  On the right is the event's Details button.  If the event is more than a day away its date is shown here, otherwise its time is displayed (if one is set).  The » character points toward future events (like "Y2K") and away from past events (like "Age").  "Event n Details..." is shown for unused events.  The second line of an event is the count down/up display, in Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.  If the event has no specific time (only a date), just the Day number changes and the Seconds display simply cycles through 0..9.  Clicking on the Details button (or choosing from the menu) brings up the next screen.

Details form The Details screen for Event 1.  There is a Name field and buttons for setting the event's Date and Time.  These bring up the standard forms.  The time-setting form has a No Time button.

About form The About screen for Count Down.  Note that the URL is a permanent alias, currently re-directed to GeoCities.

Not exactly an Earth-shatteringly important application I'll admit.  Still, it is useful and therefore belongs to that small class of programs that are small enough to be a reasonable recreational programming project (half a dozen evenings or less...) while producing a worthwhile result.  It was written in the months prior to my leaving the US to attend Lucy and Nick's wedding in NZ.  It was a fun, quick little project that gave me a nice reminder of the days counting down toward that very happy event.

Download You can download it here (or from PalmGear) but first read my disclaimer.