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As seen on flickr, Make and Hack a Day.

The Pong Clock screen saver was written with Visual C++ 6.0 using MFC as a dll (so you'll need MFC42.DLL).
You can grab just the Pong Clock screen saver (.scr) file here. Note that this is the version which is running in the frame so

In other words, it may not be the best screen saver for general use.
You can grab the source code () here.
Note that this is a real screen saver. The paddles and ball are obviously not static. The font for the time/score is designed so that no pixels are always on. The "net" alternates its on and off parts every the hour.

Update: September 17th 2008
This was originally written just for me, but others are finding it useful too, so some additional features have crept in :-)

It may now be suitable for general use. The screen saver is here and the source is here.