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Being Creative: Xuan's Andy Gibb Tray

What a smile

My friend Xuan loves the late lamented Andy Gibb. For her birthday in 2002 I decided to make her a "special" present. I googled for sites with pictures of Andy. I used PhotoShop to assemble a selection (colour and B&W) into half a dozen pages and printed them in colour at Kinkos:

A page of Andy Gibbs

I then cut these up and glued them onto a simple wooden tray I'd painted a lovely shade of green. I also stuck on some silver letters spelling out A n d y  G i b b. I protected the whole thing with many many coats of varnish and lightly sanded it. The result was a rather nice fetish object:

Andy Gibb Tray

Happily, Xuan loved it. "Best. Present. Ever."